Read me first - a very warm welcome and what to expect

Welcome to the Healthy Entertaining Complete course!

Get ready to learn everything you need to know to host a successful party. I’m your instructor, Natalia Levey. From appetizers to cocktails, and everything in between – I’ll be your culinary guide. Together, we’re going to cover serious(ly fun!) party-planning ground. 

We all remember our first time hosting a party, whether it was a birthday bash, a holiday gathering, or a dinner with colleagues. It can be completely nerve-wracking. The pressure of planning and executing a beautiful, fun party can really pile on the stress. Those days are over – your journey to become the goddessof healthy entertaining starts now!

Course Curriculum

This course is divided into three main entertaining classes, two skills classes, and bonus materials that will give you a real edge as a party planner. Here’s an overview of how your experience will be structured so you can feel prepared and start getting pumped to throw the perfect party!

Three Main Entertaining Classes:

ENTERTAINING Part 1. Party Platters

Entertain with style and confidence, creating fabulous party platters that look like they belong in a magazine. It will seem like you spent hours on your presentation, but you’ll spend as little as three minutes of your time!

Some of the exciting topics we cover include:

·       How to plan the perfect platter for any occasion

·       Step-by-step video demos for making a niçoise platter, charcuterie platter, and full-length table platter

·       Platter styles, structures, and arrangements

·       Assembly shortcuts from my experience as a chef and party planner

·       Creating simple platters with ingredients you have on-hand

The skills and shortcuts you learn from the nine videos in this course will save you time, so you’ll spend less of your party stuck in the kitchen and more quality time with your guests. I can’t wait for you to make own party platters for your next soiree!

ENTERTAINING Part 2: Healthy Cocktails

Create unique craft cocktails for any occasion! This course is designed to empower you to feel skilled and knowledgeable behind the bar when you entertain. The cocktails I share with you are naturally fresh, sweet, and delicious - combining interesting flavors that will have your friends begging you for the recipe.

Some of the exciting topics we cover include:

  • The basics of creating a delicious cocktail formula
  • Step-by-step video demos for five cocktail recipes, complete with beautiful garnish
  • How to make your own simple syrups with superfood ingredients
  • Preparation and presentation secrets from my experience as a chef and party planner
  • Healthy swaps for traditional recipe ingredients (wait until you try the Moscow mule with a probiotic boost…)
  • Gluten free liquor options

This course will not only guide you through the process of creating the most fantastic drinks you’ve ever tasted – it will change the way you stock your bar forever. You’ll come away from these videos wanting to plan your next party to show off your skills immediately. 

ENTERTAINING Part 3: Sophisticated Healthy Party Appetizers 

The appetizers you serve can set the tone for the whole party. You want to delight your guests with delicious and unique hors d’oeuvres that are going to keep them feeling lively for the entire event. That’s why I like to make sure the recipes are healthy, yet full of personality and a stellar flavor profile. All the recipes in this course are gluten free!

Some of the exciting topics we cover include:

  • How to balance fun and unexpected flavor combinations for a memorable dish
  • Step-by-step video demos for five delectable appetizer recipes
  • How to save time by using professional chef techniques and prepping the night before
  • Sauces, salads, and searing – oh my! So many intriguing new skills to teach you
  • Prepping and serving healthy foods with sophisticated, yet easy recipes

The lessons in this course will stick with you for a lifetime of party-hosting. There’s something for everyone in this selection of recipes. All you’ll have to worry about when your party starts, is making sure you get to grab a plate of appetizers before your guests devour them!

Two Skills Classes:

Kitchen Safety and Sanitation for Home Cooks

This course is designed with your guest’s health and safety in mind, to make sure you know the precautions to take in the kitchen to keep everyone safe from foodborne illness.From ways to prevent cross-contamination in your fridge to avoiding the dangers lurking in your kitchen sponge – you’ll find out how to navigate the culinary world with a Safe Serv certified chef. 

Some of the important topics we cover include:

  • How to avoid time and temperature abuse
  • The correct way to thaw and cool foods
  • Personal hygiene musts to avoid contamination
  • How to properly sanitize your kitchen
  • Insider information from my experience as a chef
  • Why your week-long “meal preps” may be making you sick
  • How to avoid major accidents in the kitchen

Together, we’ll cover the critical ways to avoid putting yourself and others in harm’s way, and how to change bad habits so you never have to worry that your party spread is going to make your guests sick! Rest easy knowing you have the skills needed to run a clean and safe kitchen for a lifetime.

Knife Skills

Proper knife handling can make or break a meal’s presentation! This course ensures you can navigate knife skills like a pro. You will feel so much more confident in your abilities and save loads of time on your food prep after watching these step by step videos. 

Some of the important topics we cover include:

  • The basics of knife types and what they are used for
  • Everything you need to know about sharpening your knives
  • Safe and effective knife handling skills
  • How to “supreme” an orange for impressive party platters
  • Insider tips from my experience in the culinary world!

Not only will you avoid cut fingers with this course, you’ll slice, chiffonade, chop, julienne, brunoise, and even decorative zig-zag cut with ease!Gain confidence and knowledge that will keep you safe in the kitchen, impress your family, and wow your party guests. 

Bonus Materials:

Secrets and Hacks for Hosting an Amazing Party: You won’t miss a thing when you plan your party with this handy guide. I’ll make sure you’re well prepared and well aware of all the little details that make a big difference. 

Table Setting Design Guide: Explore different ways to present the food, from easy accessories, to complex designs

Infused Vodka Party Bar Tutorial: Top off your party with some delicious and easy-to-makeinfused vodkas. Your guests will love the opportunity to play mixologist! The flavors are incredible, and they add a trendy and fun element to your event. I’ll teach you how to perfect every exquisite detail of this curated cocktail station with step-by-step demos.

Shotglass desserts. As an owner of Speaks Clam Bar in Florida and a chef, I’ve had the opportunity to create shotglass desserts for our restaurant. I’ll be sharing my secrets with you. 

The best part is, you can revisit the course material as many times as you need to! Brush up on your skills every time an opportunity to plan a party comes your way. 

I hope you have a blast learning and trying out your skills. Your guests will be able to tell your party was planned with so much joy and love.

Thank you for being part of the Healthy Intent family and make sure you stay in touch by tagging me on social media with your party pics! 

Use hashtag: #HealthyEntertainingGoddess

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